App Loyality and Engagement Rates

iOS and Android Smartphones as well as tablets represent the technology which was adapted to the fastest in history. The app markets explode and implode and even Facebook calls itself a mobile company. There are currently 1,061,228 apps in the app store and 50,000,000 apps get downloaded daily. This seems tempting for every app developer […]

Mobile Ad Networks Overview

The market for mobile ad networks is getting more and more complex – with over 100 participants. As opposed to the online marketing space where there are a few big players like Adwords, Facebook and some other networks, the market for the mobile ads looks heterogenous and not mature. You mainly find specialsts networks which […]

What users expect of mobile websites

Our customers, which are not only in the ecommerce section, currently experience rates of increasing visitors for their mobile websites of about +10-20 % per month. That implies that the traffic for mobile websites currently increases rapidly. For some customers the mobile traffic takes up to 20 % of their overall traffic. To optimally use […]

App monetization – The attack of the free apps

The year 2012 has come to an end and it was one of the App superlatives in several respects! Masses of new apps, a new iTunes design etc., though what especially catches attention is the new trend towards free apps. According to a new AppsFire infographic there was a clear development between paid and free […]

Case Study: App Store Optimisation

Due to the overcrowded app stores, the discovery of an app is one of the biggest issues app developers face these days. An effective way to get the app in front of more users is by App Store Optimisation (ASO). ASO uses all means to increase the ranking of the app in the search results […]