Get your app found in the app stores

The app stores are filled with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of applications made by developers who all want to gain popularity for their apps just like you. Because of this, the app store can be a fierce competitive ground, and if you want to stand a chance against the competition, you’ll need to […]

Appreneurs – The new success model?

There isn’t any one app model out there that can bring success to the tables, but there are certain rules you can stick to that really help to boost your chances, and like with anything, persistence is the key. If you have a strong passion for creating an app and making it become successful, then […]

In-App Purchases – Current Status and Future

The present model that most mobile apps, specifically games, currently follow is one that offers the application free of charge, whilst placing in-app purchases into the application that usually complete the overall app experience, and in the case of a mobile game, are sometimes even required to fully complete the game. This is a method […]

Case Study: App Ranking Boost

Extreme competition and an abundance of new apps with similar features means it can be very difficult to get your app discovered by users. Most app store visitors go directly to the top lists to check out and download the latest cool apps, so how do you get a coveted spot on one of these top […]

The Best App Discovery Sites and Apps

Whether you’re looking at other apps to learn more about how developers gain success, or you want to learn more about what belongs in the market, using the official app stores usually doesn’t give you all the information you may need to know. You can receive more information from other app discovery sites and applications […]

Best App Tracking Tools 2013

If you’re going to want to sell your app successfully you’re going to need to keep a tight eye on all the statistics you can get. You will need to follow your app’s ranking, it’s downloads and every other tidbit of information that could be telling you you’re doing the right or wrong thing for […]

Mobile Couponing Trends in 2013

Mobile couponing is something that is currently not widely used, however industry insiders predict that by 2016 consumers will have redeemed over $43 billion worth of mobile coupons worldwide. When comparing this to 2011’s coupon redemption value which was only at $5.4 billion, it seems by 2016 the mobile coupon market will grow hugely, increasing […]

Mobile Search Advertising – Best Practices

Creating a negative experience for users accessing your business’s information or website from a mobile device can greatly impact your sales rates. Not only have you missed a sale right there and then, but that bad experience will most likely convince that potential customer that they do not want to visit your business’s online site […]

Mobile Commerce in 2013

Smartphone ownership is growing hugely, and in fact in 2012 that number reached over 1 billion. That means at least 1 in 7 of us have a smartphone across the whole globe, and when you take out less-developed countries, and focus on your local demographic, the number will probably be a lot closer to 1 […]

App Marketing Strategies 2013

So you’ve made a killer app, it sits well in the app store, and there’s no app out there that’s quite like yours, but unfortunately, the biggest part to your application’s success has only just started. When there are multiple app stores ranging across different Operating Systems and each OS app store has 100s of […]