Google Wallet App – the smartest integrations

The Google Wallet, is a new initiative by Google that has been designed to make the payment system more refined, user-friendly and much more convenient for the everyday shopper. The idea is that with the flash of a phone at a checkout with the Google Passbook app installed, payments can be made, and retailers can […]

App Marketing – Top 5 Mistakes

Developing an app is only half the battle. The other half is of course marketing the application, and although there are plenty of ways to do things the right way when it comes to marketing your app, there are things that are not going to help you or cut into your profits. These marketing mistakes […]

Mobile Marketing for Travel

If you’re in the travel business you will understand the difficulties to overcome challenges to set you apart from your competitors, and when tourists and holiday-goers are planning to spend less each year, it can be a difficult market to tout your services at an acceptable price louder than those offering a similar service. Marketing […]

Mobile Marketing for Retailers

Mobile Marketing can be a useful tool no matter what field of expertise your business may fall under. If you are running a retail business, it may interest you that according to Juniper Research, retailers will have spent $55 billion on mcommerce for their business by 2015. It’s a no brainer that this money is […]

Best Apps for Job Seekers

Finding a job can be a grueling process, and even with a generous amount of qualifications to back up your career choices, it’s still difficult to find a job that suits both yours and the employer’s needs. Whilst seeking a job is often a tedious task, it can be made easier with the help of […]

Best of Google Play 4.0

Google has just updated their Google Play 4.0 application, and whilst the official Android update is currently only available in America, those outside of the United States can download an .apk from around the internet. The new Play 4.0 has completely redesigned the previous Play store, and although the main architecture of the Play store […]