Weever Media’s pick of the posts #2

Here’s your regular roundup of Weever Media’s favourite articles and posts on the topic of app marketing. Push Mobile Marketing — App Notifications Vs. Messaging Mobiles have given marketers a whole new world of ways to engage with (and potentially annoy) their customers. This article compares text messaging with app notifications as a less intrusive […]

iBeacon in Mobile Marketing

The iBeacon is a new type of technology that takes geo-targeting and location based data a step further. Instead of relying on GPS information, an iBeacon device can automatically detect whenever an iPhone or similar device is within close proximity, and can then send push notifications to a user’s device when within a certain radius. […]

Native Advertising for Mobile – what you need to know

As a marketer, you should already understand what native advertising is, and what benefits it can accost you with. There are many websites and platforms that offer native advertising now, including popular social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, and it’s becoming more and more present in the most simple advertising strategies. Native advertising […]

Weever Media’s pick of the posts #1

Welcome to our weekly roundup of interesting articles and posts on the ever-shifting landscape of app marketing. Firstly, a couple of those handy ‘6 ways to…’ or ‘3 things you must…’ type posts which contain some great suggestions and little nuggets of info: 4 things to do at the time of app release If you […]

App Marketing with Adwords – Which Apps can Benefit?

Marketing your mobile application via adwords is a viable marketing approach to take, however there are certain things you should consider before wasting your budget on this advertising platform. Below we’ve listed two types of apps that can benefit from app marketing with Adwords, and have also provided a checklist so that you can ensure […]