Top Tips to Test an App Before Launch

You may have a really sound idea for an application, but unless you put it through the test, you really don’t know how well your app will perform. If you are serious about turning your app idea into reality, you should learn to test the waters first, and make sure that if you do go […]

Cost of App Development 2014

More and more businesses are starting to see potential within the app store, and as news outlets sing about the success of small time developers bringing in the bucks with apps like Flappy Bird or 2048, it’s no surprise that more individuals and businesses are trying their luck in the app store. However, despite the […]

App Discovery Methods – What You Need to Know

If you plan to market your app, you need to understand where your app downloads are going to be coming from, and learn to focus your efforts on strategies that can get your app discovered by a large audience. As the app marketing industry has expanded, many new app discovery methods have proven to be […]

Best Ways to Boost App Retention

One of the biggest factors to take into consideration when working on revenue for your mobile app are current active users – knowing your active user base can tell you a great deal about how successful your app is at that point in time, regardless of how many overall downloads it has received. Boosting your […]

RTB Mobile – Global Insights 2014

Real-time bidding for mobile devices, or just RTB in general has been growing at an incredible pace, and in 2014 we are going to see some key changes take place for the mobile advertising industry. Smaato has just released their Q1 2014 findings, and from what their report is saying, there is quite a lot […]