Enterprise Apps – The Next Gold Rush

So far, the app store has been pretty fair game for almost anybody willing to invest the time and patience into developing their own application, and whilst the app store has already made many individuals live’s smarter and more convenient, the next big thing in the app store space may be enterprise apps. In fact, […]

Best of App Store Optimization #4

Here’s our latest round-up of app store optimization posts, with latest tips for title, ranking and internationalization. How to Find the Ideal Name Length for Your iOS App When talking about ASO, nothing raises more debate than the name of an app. This is because there are basically two choices: to use just the app name to […]

Emerging App Markets 2014 – Asia

Asia is quickly becoming one of the most important regions for the entire app market, and stats for China, India and other Asian territories show that it’s becoming one of the most prominent emerging markets in 2014. Below we’ve taken a look at some of the key reasons why Asia is proving to be one […]

Best of App Store Optimization #3

Here’s our latest round-up of app store optimization posts, this time about keywords and different types of metadata. The Ideal Keyword Frequency in the Descriptions of Top Android Games The get the best results in Google Play search, you should include your target keyword five times in the description. But does it really help an app […]

Mobile Apps Usage 2014

Understanding how smartphone owners use their apps can help businesses get a good idea about what it takes to make an app user stick to your app, and in 2014, there’s plenty of information available to find out exactly what drives mobile app usage. Unsurprisingly, the usage of mobile apps has been on a sharp […]

UK Apps – The Market in 2014

On the world map, the UK may look like a very small country, but there is a lot of potential within that small space, especially in the app store. By the end of 2014, smartphone penetration is expected to reach 74% of the entire UK population, which is pretty impressive, considering the current predicted UK […]

Best of App Store Optimization #2

Here’s our newest round-up of app store optimization posts dealing with iOS 8 and the future of ASO. iOS 8 Features App Store Optimization iOS 8 will be released this Fall, and the part which interests app owners are the changes coming to Search in the App Store, Apple’s reaction to app discovery difficulties. From Trending Searches, […]