Mobile Advertising Formats, Traffic Sources and Inventory in 2014

Advertising within the mobile space successfully is all about tracking data, viewing trends, understanding what formats are working the best, and which ones are worth avoiding. With a bit of research, you can ensure that your advertising efforts don’t go to waste. In this article we’re looking at a wide range of topics within mobile […]

How do app bundles work in iOS 8

In iOS 8, Apple have made a large amount of changes to the app store, and are offering more tools for developers in the hope to help developers reach out to new users. Perhaps one of the most noticeable additions to the app store in iOS 8 are app bundles; these are bundles that will […]

Apps as a Service – the New Winning Business Model?

A brand new business model for app developers has gained quick exposure over the last few months, and it offers a system that allows developers with relatively little development experience to create, tweak and publish apps for their business effortlessly. The new business model has been dubbed ‘Apps as a Service,’ or AaaS for short, […]