Social Media B2B – Tips for Lead Generation

In my blog post: B2B und Social Media… I did talk about the topic Social Media for business already. Since then lots of things changed hence I thought it might be time to give some fresh ideas about Social Media B2B and potential lead generation opportunities. Find some B2B lead generation tips especially for Sildeshare […]

How Some Brands Are “Leaving Money on the Table”

Following on from my last post on the presentation given to ATTA on the opportunities for Travel and Tourism industry with social media, there are a couple of areas I would like to explore further. Not all industries have taken to social media and in some cases, this isn’t a bad thing. Social technologies are […]

Lead Generation Techniques on Slideshare

I just uploaded our current business presentation to SlideShare – it’s Saturday morning (I know) and I am feeling energetic – so I thought I might as well write a little post about it. Here it comes… SlideShare = What’s it for SlideShare is a business social media platform that lets users share documents, presentations […]