We turn App User into App Fans

App Promotion for effective monetisation of the app

Various traffic sources can provide a lot of users but many of these users are low value – not engaging with and sharing your app through social media or making in-app purchases etc. Other traffic sources may deliver quality users with lots of valuable actions carried out and a high retention rate. To find the real value of various traffic sources for effective monetisation, we constantly analyse metrics to provide the maximum value per user and highest ROI on your app marketing budget.
We buy media and traffic from the biggest ad networks, real-time bidding exchanges and social media networks and then optimise the traffic depending on your marketing goals. These goals might be:

User Retention

How long is the app used on average, DAU/MAU ratio etc.

User Engagement

How often is the app opened and used, engagement rate etc.

App Virality

How many more user are generated per user through Facebook shares, email invitation etc.

App Monetisaion

How many in-app purchases are carried out, ARPU-rate etc.


Impact App Monetisation Boost

  • Precision targeting and source optimisation

  • Constant flow of high quality new users

  • Highest earnings and life-time value per user

Engagement – fuel for the app

Performance-based app marketing through in-app pay-per-engagement models

Monetisation does not come solely from a user installing the app but can also occur when certain actions are carried out. The action or the event depends on the nature of the app but can be, for example, registration through Facebook, sharing of content on social media platforms, inviting friends and more. These actions can be used as a ‘pay per engagement’ model and provide a fair, transparent and risk-free way to monetise the app.
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