Generate Users & Buzz …where the users are

We utilise social media for high quality user acquisition and viral social media marketing

Social media happens predominantly on mobile devices and frequently users discover apps or get recommendations there. Facebook alone has 825m mobile users with a daily average of 30 mins engagement in the app. We utilise this vast potential to generate users and create buzz for your app.

Super-precise targeting with Facebook Mobile App Install Ads results in the highest quality of users currently on the market. Through effective, ongoing optimisation of campaigns on Facebook we deliver cost effective, quality users.

Impact Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

  • Extreme reach combined with precise targeting
  • High quality users and as a result high engagement and retention rates
  • Effective campaign optimisation for lowest cost-per-install prices

For some apps promotion in LinkedIn, Twitter and other social sites makes sense too. Contact us for more information.


Recommendations are the top driver for app downloads

Social Media Marketing, Buzz and PR for awareness und virality

Social Media offers many ways to generate buzz and recommendations for apps – use our social approach in app marketing:
  • App reviews from leading sites or thought leaders
  • App reviews in iTunes
  • PR campaigns in social media and/or press releases sites
  • Awareness and leads through activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and relevant forums & communities
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