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social-commerce marketing funnel

Social activities in the stages of the marketing funnel (click to enlarge)

Online shopping has fundamentally changed – 90% of purchases start with an online research. Consumers want confidence in what they buy and that now comes  in the form of recommendations from their friends, and trusted online communities or peers. Social technologies are enabling this shift in shopping habits. It’s “helping people connect where they buy, and buy where they connect”.

60% of the social media users follow brands and retailers on the social platforms; as a result, in all parts of the internet marketing funnel lie huge opportunities for retailers (see image on the right). The active engagement with fans and followers through social media, providing of useful content or promotions of products/servics is a must for every online-shop.

We harness three approaches to Social Commerce

magento social commere

Social Media on Ecommerce Platforms

  • Enhance user experience and loyalty
  • Activate Word Of Mouth
reatail social commerce

Ecommerce on Social Media Platforms

  • Monetise your social media investment
  • Boost sales on and from social media platforms
social media for retailers

Social Media Strategy for Online-Retailers

  • A-Z Social Strategy for your Shop
  • SEO + Social SEO Power-Combination

Are you social to your customers?

Give your visitors the means to interact with you and your products, as well as other customers, on your website or let them recommend your products/services on social media platforms. Create a community that enables customers to share their expertise and trust by engaging with other members on your site or through their social platforms. All social interactions will strengthen the relationship between your brand and your customers as well as boosting sales. Fish were the fish are…as the saying goes.

E-commerce is Over. Long Live Social Commerce

Online retail has entered a new stage, where finding and buying products is heavily influenced by the visitors’ social graphs. Word of mouth and imitation have always influenced purchase decisions, but social commerce adds feasibility and converts this social communication into sales.

Social Commerce Example – The Levis Friends Store

We’re a Social Commerce Agency and bring your ecommerce marketing to the next level

We develop, migrate or enhance your ecommerce site, create social commerce strategies and run social and search campaings. Our services include:

  • Magento Social Commerce Site Build
  • Social Commerce Audit & Strategy
  • Social Integration on your website
  • Ecommerce Apps, Mobile + Facebook Apps and Facebook Stores
  • Word of Mouth and Social Media Campaigns
  • Ecommerce SEO and Social SEO/SMO

Our favourite Social Commerce Quotes

Andrew Mason
(Groupon founder)
“The size of the [social commerce] market is the size of every empty restaurant table”
Mark Zuckerberg
(Facebook founder)
“If I had to guess, social commerce is the next area to really blow up”
Reid Hoffman
(LinkedIn founder)
“People will converse about your brand independently of you. You can’t stop the negative comments. But what you can do is maximise the likelihood of a distributed set of very good conversations.