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The Social Media Marketing Funnel

We understand the challenges of building and running social media marketing programs and help you use this knowledge to align any activity to your overall business objectives. And we know a clearly defined social media strategy is the key to commercial success from social media.

We guide you through the social media marketing funnel from the initial Social Media Monitoring and Social Segmentations, through finding and setting effective goals and objectives, to implementing the strategy and tools and eventually converting users as well as measuring and optimising the results.

Our first step is to analyse your social business needs

  • What you want to get out of social media?
  • Who and where your customers are online? Who are they influenced by?
  • What content they want and what they will share?
  • How it all fits into your business operations?

The second step is a tailor made approach from our range of social media services

Social Media Strategy & Planning

We build social media programs that are in line with your business objectives and help profile how your customers behave online so we can pick the best tools and channels to interact with them. We work with you to make sure all activity fits with your budgets, available resources and provide you with a framework which will provide the most value.

Social Media Monitoring

Listening to your customers should be at the cornerstone of any activity. There are lots of tools to monitor what is being said about you on the social web. We help you find the best solution to listen to the chatter about your customers, your competitors or your own brand and provide analysis and reporting or training to your internal teams.

Technical Development

  • Once we have analysed which platform and software will best fit with your objectives, we will work with you to build the social channels which will have the most value to your customers. These can be build of Facebook fan pages, Facebook or mobile apps, company blogs, etc. Find out more here.

Social Media Measurement & Reporting

  • We help you measure the performance of all your social media activity. From the initial tweet to the corresponding transaction/conversion on your site.

Social Media Training & Workshops

  • Sometimes, all you need is a fresh pair of eyes or some help integrating your social media plans across your organisation. We offer bespoke training and consultancy to anyone who needs us. Find our Social Media Courses here.

The last step is to implement the Social Media Strategy into your organisation

We work with big, corporate companies as well as with start-ups and know how to breathe life into new processes or overcome internal obstacles. We’ll help you with that!

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