Real Time Bidding To Increase Mobile App Engagement

Real time bidding has been a term that has been thrown around a lot recently, but for many advertisers, it’s something that isn’t fully understood, and the benefits are even more of a mystery. We’ve taken a look at some of  the main reasons why real time bidding can be useful, particularly for increasing mobile […]

Mobile Apps Usage 2014

Understanding how smartphone owners use their apps can help businesses get a good idea about what it takes to make an app user stick to your app, and in 2014, there’s plenty of information available to find out exactly what drives mobile app usage. Unsurprisingly, the usage of mobile apps has been on a sharp […]

App Loyality and Engagement Rates

iOS and Android Smartphones as well as tablets represent the technology which was adapted to the fastest in history. The app markets explode and implode and even Facebook calls itself a mobile company. There are currently 1,061,228 apps in the app store and 50,000,000 apps get downloaded daily. This seems tempting for every app developer […]