Best of App Store Optimization #4

Here’s our latest round-up of app store optimization posts, with latest tips for title, ranking and internationalization. How to Find the Ideal Name Length for Your iOS App When talking about ASO, nothing raises more debate than the name of an app. This is because there are basically two choices: to use just the app name to […]

Best of App Store Optimization #3

Here’s our latest round-up of app store optimization posts, this time about keywords and different types of metadata. The Ideal Keyword Frequency in the Descriptions of Top Android Games The get the best results in Google Play search, you should include your target keyword five times in the description. But does it really help an app […]

Best of App Store Optimization #2

Here’s our newest round-up of app store optimization posts dealing with iOS 8 and the future of ASO. iOS 8 Features App Store Optimization iOS 8 will be released this Fall, and the part which interests app owners are the changes coming to Search in the App Store, Apple’s reaction to app discovery difficulties. From Trending Searches, […]

Best of App Store Optimization #1

Here’s a collection of useful recent posts on app store optimization. Do You Need App Store Optimization? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself You will always need ASO. No matter if you’ve been ranked in the top 10 for a couple of weeks or have never made it to the top 100, there’s always room for improvement. […]

iOS 8 – Implications for App Marketing

At this year’s WWDC, Apple made quite a few announcements when it comes to new software updates for their major operating systems. OS X Yosemite was announced, but here at Weevermedia, we’re most excited about the introduction of iOS 8, as it will bring in a bunch of new changes, which have mainly been targeted […]

ASO – the Future as App Marketing Tool

ASO, or app store optimization, is quickly becoming a hot topic for mobile app developers and other around the internet, and it won’t be long before it sits alongside another important marketing tool that makes up most of the internet, and that is of course SEO. ASO however, may be a little different to SEO […]

App Store Optimisation (ASO) – Best Practices 2013

App Store Optimization, or ASO, works similarly to SEO in that it is a method of increasing your chance of being found in the app store by optimizing your page with keywords and content. However, the different with ASO and SEO, is that with ASO it’s important to both improve your chances of being clicked […]

App Marketing Strategies 2013

So you’ve made a killer app, it sits well in the app store, and there’s no app out there that’s quite like yours, but unfortunately, the biggest part to your application’s success has only just started. When there are multiple app stores ranging across different Operating Systems and each OS app store has 100s of […]

Case Study: App Store Optimisation

Due to the overcrowded app stores, the discovery of an app is one of the biggest issues app developers face these days. An effective way to get the app in front of more users is by App Store Optimisation (ASO). ASO uses all means to increase the ranking of the app in the search results […]