Location Based Ads – Best Examples

If you’ve read our previous blogs, you’ll understand how big of a role location based advertising can be for your marketing campaign. There are plenty of ways to use location based advertising, and although it’s strictly a new method for many marketers, it has already proven to be a successful strategy and you can learn […]

Location Based Marketing – Some Examples

Location based marketing can be used to personalize and create catering advertisements to those local to your business. By using location based marketing, you can pinpoint potential customers with deals when they need them, or offer tantalizing rewards for staying close to your business. Although some location based use, such as the Google Now app […]

Mobile Couponing Trends in 2013

Mobile couponing is something that is currently not widely used, however industry insiders predict that by 2016 consumers will have redeemed over $43 billion worth of mobile coupons worldwide. When comparing this to 2011’s coupon redemption value which was only at $5.4 billion, it seems by 2016 the mobile coupon market will grow hugely, increasing […]