Mobile Marketing for Travel

If you’re in the travel business you will understand the difficulties to overcome challenges to set you apart from your competitors, and when tourists and holiday-goers are planning to spend less each year, it can be a difficult market to tout your services at an acceptable price louder than those offering a similar service. Marketing […]

How Some Brands Are “Leaving Money on the Table”

Following on from my last post on the presentation given to ATTA on the opportunities for Travel and Tourism industry with social media, there are a couple of areas I would like to explore further. Not all industries have taken to social media and in some cases, this isn’t a bad thing. Social technologies are […]

Social Media for Travel and Tourism (Presentation)

This week I was invited by The African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA) to speak to their members about social media in travel, how it’s impacting their industry and (hopefully) gave them a few ideas on how they use it for their respective businesses. There is a huge amount the Travel and Tourism industry can […]